Workflow and Validation

Remote Assistance

Workflow and Validation

Thanks to the Ibys by SIA glasses, workflow management becomes easy, precise and intuitive. We provide operators with a high-tech tool that can guide the worker in the most complicated processes, helping to solve technical problems and avoid errors.

Each step of the workflow is followed and identified by the frontal camera. The artificial intelligence of the Ibys glasses is able to recognize the validity and completeness of each step performed, inviting only then the operator to continue with the next step.

Activities Report

You can perform goggle-guided FAT SAT tests step by step, according to the inserted protocol.

At each step you can take a picture or acquire data directly from the field of action and confirm the result obtained step by step.

Instructions in case of alarm

In the event of an alarm, the glasses inform you of the steps to take. E.g. alarm “lack of power to the control circuit, plant: press reset on the electrical panel”.

Ex. 2: if it is the alarm of a non-sterilised machine, the glasses will tell you how to go to the Cycles tab, enter the sterilisation cycle and check the permissions. When they are satisfied, you will be able to press the start button.

Remote Assistance

Intelligence by your side.

Remote Assistance

The Ibys glasses are the ideal tool to connect with your employees and confront them during a complicated process or in solving a technical problem. Thanks to the real-time recording of the camera in the glasses, you will be able to receive or give assistance in real time and accurately, even at long distances.


While wearing the Ibys goggles, the operator can carry on their daily tasks hands-free.

These devices are powerful and work without cables.


Smart Healthcare

The efficiency of an analysis laboratory depends on the knowledge and maintenance of its machines. With our IoT system, you can intervene quickly even with the help of a remote technician.


The use of smart glasses in a delicate maintenance or control procedure on an engine or on a sophisticated control unit, reduces time and costs in addition to improving the quality of the intervention.


Our solutions enable warehouse operators to effectively manage "hands-free" activities, reducing errors and improving the process of order picking, goods entry/exit, goods sorting and packing, and inventory.

Smart Production

Our solution in the industrial field allows to guide the operator and certify the operations during programmed interventions, maintenance, changes of settings or resolution of emergency situations.

Industrial Benefits