Hardware Design

Our Hardware Design Department works closely with the Electrical Department.

The team:

  • Prepares a diagram of the machine or system to be automated. Identifies the type of instruments to install to generate/detect the signals necessary to correctly manage the machine/system.
  • Prepares a list of input/output signals for the computerized system as a function of the number and type of instruments adopted.
  • Chooses the most suitable hardware and designs/builds the electrical panel as a function of the P&ID, I/O list, and customer’s needs. Prepares the factory and on-site electrical testing plans, which indicate the operating methods and expected results.
  • Analyses and studies production processes, and drafts user requests and specific functions, with a particular focus on pharmaceuticals.
  • Coordinates on-site activities and collaborating companies related to the development of new or reorganized production areas at the customer’s premises