ASIA – PW, WFI e Compounding

The project involves the installation of the water room with 3 loops (1 PW and 2 WFI) in a plant (non-pharmaceutical) identified by the customer, with whom SIA developed the monitoring system (sensors, water quality indicators, etc.).

Since the critical point of each pharmaceutical company lies in sterilization, SIA installed software for monitoring, control, and data acquisition (SCADA) to keep the parameters under control and improve the quality of the water and sanitization.
SIA also implemented the fully automated system with regard to supply and storage quantities, since it is able to open and close the water supply valves based on information from level sensors connected to the PLC.

For Compounding, SIA developed a multi-task system adapted to various solutions:

  • The system can work with both disposable compounders (single use and completely sterile) and with fixed lines (wheeled stainless-steel compounders).
  • The loops can be interfaced not only with salt water, but also with a series of other systems. For example, the WFI is also used to clean the floor in the sterile area.

The Rockwell brand was chosen for both the PLC (ControlLogix) and SCADA (FactoryTalk).
For this project, SIA dealt with all the automation, from building the electrical panels to their connection with instruments in the installation, from development of the PLC and SCADA software to validating the system hardware and software.

The success of the project was also made possible through synergy and collaboration with other contractors (e.g. piping).

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