The customer’s production plant was expanded with a new area to support the older areas. This was needed to supply the rest of the plant with purified air and water.

SIA developed a control and supervision system for purified water (PW), environmental monitoring parameters (EMS), and air conditioning (BMS), in particular 1 PW loop and 4 HVAC systems were managed.

The difference between this plant and standard PW systems is that this one contains an ozone loop to solve the problem of the sterilization water temperature (with net energy savings).

Two control systems and three monitoring systems were supplied, with the unique feature that two SCADAs (BMS and EMS) read data from the same PLC.

Siemens was chosen for both the PLC (S7-1500), and SCADA (WinCC, Compliance CFR21 Part 11, Audit Trail, Access … + applications) and HMI was used only for visualization.

For this project, SIA built electrical panels suitable for the seismic nature of the location, along with multiple expansion junction boxes. It supplied and calibrated the instrumentation, developed the PLC, HMI, and SCADA software, and validated the system hardware and software.

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