SWITZERLAND – BMS and EMS SCADA Facility for Freeze Drying Production

This project involved the expansion of a production line in a new plant acquired by the customer. SIA implemented the control and supervision system regarding black utilities (non-purified hot and cold water, non-purified steam), and the HVAC system.

Another monitoring and control system was implemented for the EMS. With regard to the clean utilities (PW, WFI, pure steam, washer, oven, and autoclave), a visual supervision system was provided. This receives data from the various PLCs supplied and programmed by the various machine and system manufacturers.

The project ended with validation of the GMP aspects (EMS and clean utilities), while a commissioning protocol was followed for the black utilities.

The Siemens brand (S7-1500) was chosen for the PLC and GE iFIX was chosen for SCADA.
For this project, SIA dealt with all the automation: from construction of the BMS and EMS electrical panels, to supplying the instrumentation and valves with actuators and their connection to the related control panels, with the supply and installation of all the primary and secondary cables. A new server farm was supplied with all the network connections necessary to complete the work. The PLC and SCADA software was developed, along with the system hardware and software validation.

The success of the project was also made possible through synergy and collaboration with other contractors (those who built the various systems and machines).

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